Heat Pump Hot Water

Brand new, energy-efficient heat pump water heater all yours for FREE*…

Your current hot water system could be eligible for a zero-cost upgrade that will save you up to 70% on water heating costs.

This upgrade initiative is established under the Federal Government Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme and New South Wales Energy Savings Scheme.

Request a call back to find out if your business is eligible.

Why upgrade to a heat pump water heater?

Up to 4X more energy efficient

Lower running costs

 Reliable and stable operations

Environmentally friendly

*Free Upgrade Terms and Conditions:

(1) Available for current Next Business Energy customers,
(2) Only replacing electric hot water systems (not heat pumps) with a heating element of 2.4kW or more,
(3) The system is being replaced in the same position or relocated within a 5m distance,
(4) The existing electrical switchboard is compliant with the current AS/NZ 3000 standard with a dedicated hot water switch, and
(5) The premises are within the range of one of our company or subcontractor hubs, if not, a freight or travel allowance may be applied to your quote.

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