Our Microgrid division provides an embedded energy network solution that empowers buildings with multiple tenants to collectively purchase electricity at a significantly lower cost.

This cutting-edge system integrates an embedded metering network and a solar energy generation setup capable of supplying up to 50% of on-site energy needs, operating autonomously even when disconnected from the National Grid.

The Solar Microgrid solution comes with an exceptional proposition—no capital investment is required, as we cover all associated implementation costs. Furthermore, building owners can generate an additional long-term revenue stream by leasing the rooftop space for the installation of solar panels. This innovative arrangement ensures both the building and its tenants benefit from a guaranteed reduction in energy rates, encouraging tenants to extend their tenancy.

The implementation of clean, sustainable energy not only enhances the building’s overall sustainability but also contributes significantly to its increased capital value. With this innovative solution, not only do stakeholders receive financial benefits, but they also actively contribute to environmentally conscious practices, paving the way for a greener and more responsible future.

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A Solar Microgrid is suitable for:

Commercial & industrial multi-tenanted environments

Shopping centres and bulky goods outlet centres

Residential apartment buildings

Medium density housings

Gated communities (e.g. retirement villages, caravan parks, lifestyle villages)